Who am I?

One thing before anything else: This blog has no meaning. And if it should have any meaning so it should be the fact that I want to write things just like that. It appears in four languages. One of the main objectives of the blog is that I want to get the opportunity to explain myself in these four languages. No more nor less it should be. Do you now want to know who I am continue reading here:

We are a meschuggene mischpoke, ie, a slightly crazy family, which has first and foremost one thing, many children – if I remember correctly it were seven, three of whom have already left home to go out on their own paths. They have their tents currently established in the areas around Sjöbo and Malmö and in Lund, where they work or study. The first grandchild has also appeared andlives with mother and father in Oxie. The four youngest children, born between 1997 and 2003, are still at our home of course. And our home is currently in a small town in the Skåne.

I myself am the king of this tiny kingdom, Mischpokien. The children’s mother, who, oddly enough, at the same time, my wife – and this for many years, is also the Queen and government of this tiny country and its spokeswoman. She is currently on a mission in Stockholm, and, who knows, maybe the whole country will move somewhere …

Mischpokien is thus, like Sweden, a constitutional democracy: There is a King, but the government is the one and only who decides.

Oh! Now I almost forgot: I am, better to say, my surname’s initials are js, which means Jeremiah Stefan, born in the mid-1960s in East Germany, trained as a teacher in the old GDR and Russia in Perestroika’s times, in this way had a taste of both a fairly liberal dictatorship, compared with others, as a true democracy in uppswing, moved to Sweden in the late 1990s, now working as a teacher, translator, tourist guide and more. That’s me.



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